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Make delicious coconut kefir or milk kefir cheese with your very own Kefirko Cheese Maker. Now available in Australia at NourishmeOrganics. Kefir Grains here
Improve your gut health by going organic with fermented foods. Nourishme Organics, provides you with the complete tools to start your fermented food in Australia!
Kefir Cheese or Coconut Kefir cheese is delicious, versatile and can be prepared within 48 hours. The Kefirko Kefir Cheese making kit contains everything you need to easily make probiotic rich kefir cheese, including a packet of organic milk kefir grains or organic coconut milk kefir grains.  This Elegant, European Made Kit includes: 1x Kefirko 848 ml, 1x swizzle stick, 1x printed booklet with 30+ recipes , 1x user manual, 1x squeezer, 1 x Cheese maker 848 ml, 1x printed recipe book with 30+ recipes, 1x user manual 5g of Organic Milk Kefir Grains or Organic Coconut Milk Kefir grains (please leave a note on your order or Organic Milk Grains Grains will be shipped by default) Kefir Maker colours:  Light Blue, Navy Blue, Pink, Green, White Cheese Maker colours:  Playful Pink, Gorgeous Gold, Blissful Blue, Grassy Green  Please select your colour below  Made in Europe -  Lead Free Glass Base and BPA Free Plastic Lid   

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